Board of Directors

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Taylor is a psychiatric registered nurse, health coach, nurse educator, and mental health nurse practitioner graduate. She is the founder of Hope Network. Taylor first became interested in psychedelic/plant medicines when her treatment resistant depression was cured with the mindful application of psilocybin. She has experience working with a variety of psychedelic/plant medicines including psilocybin, ayahuasca, cannabis, and huachuma in legal clinical and traditional ceremonial settings. Taylor is devoted to the integration of safe, effective, affordable psychedelic modalities into the field of nursing practice.

President, Founder

Frank Soska, RN

Vice President, Founding member

Frank is a registered nurse and US Air Force veteran with a background in neuroscience. He has a passion for plant medicines and is CEO of Compassionate Care Concierge. He and his team of trained cannabis educators have supported over 8,000 patients across northern Florida. Frank is currently serving as Director of Ketamine Psychotherapy with the Crane Center and Program Director of Compassionate Care Institute, where he provides a tranquil environment for healing with psychedelic therapies. Frank also serves as a psilocybin nurse facilitator with Hope Network.


Leigh believes relief from chronic pain, mental health issues, and other ailments shouldn’t be addictive or rob your quality of life.

Leigh found great relief from her and her special needs son's ailments with CBD. Hemp made such an impact on Leigh's life, she and her husband launched Hari Om HempLeigh is passionate about educating others about the healing properties of hemp and other natural medicines. A compassionate educator and advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis, Leigh delivers information grounded in research. Leigh co-chairs the Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis and serves on the board of Ayden’s Alliance, an organization which helps special needs families afford their children’s medical cannabis expenses. She is also a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, American Holistic Nurses Association, and the Cannabis Nurses Network.

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Treasurer, Founding member

Melanie Cross, NP-C

Secretary, Founding member

Melanie is a family nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience working in healthcare. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Biology in 2002, received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Regis University in 2006, and a Master of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner from Regis in 2010. Melanie’s nursing background includes the ICU and ED at a Level One Trauma Center in Denver. As a Nurse Practitioner, Melanie spent over 7 years in Family Medicine at a community health center, 1.5 years in private practice ENT, and the last 2 years in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Melanie teaches online for a residency program for new graduate NPs and PAs. Melanie is the founder of Cross Holistic Wellness, 1:1 personalized plant based virtual health consulting. Melanie is also an active committee member within the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Melanie is currently attending the School of Applied Functional Medicine to enhance her nursing practice. She lives with her husband, two children, and pet pug in Colorado.

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Legislative Director, Founding member

Deborah McCauley is a USAF Veteran and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) with over 20 years of experience as a medical professional. She is committed to increasing awareness and making changes in entheogenic medicine legislation, both at the state and federal levels.  She has devoted her career to helping create more awareness on research and the need to reform the legal landscape around these stigmatized plants. She routinely participates in lobbying events on Capitol Hill to create momentum around a shared goal at the highest echelons of our system. Nurse Debb is an active member of Norml, VaNorml, FLCan, Cannabis Nurses Network, American Cannabis Nurses Association, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and the International Association of Psychedelic Nurses.  She holds active nursing licenses in Virginia and Florida. Nurse Deb will graduate with from the University of Maryland class of 2023 in the Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Sciences and Therapeutics program. She lives with her husband and two sons in Pensacola, Florida. 

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Casey Lenhart, BA, RPSGT, RST

Casey has been working in Sleep Medicine & Polysomnography for 15 years. He offers more than a decade of experience and connection to various North & South American indigenous communities and native healing methodologies. His plant medicine focus lies within traditional Amazonian Shipibo practices and master plant dietas. He has long term goals of completing traditional "curandero" (healer) training in South America and becoming a psychedelic assisted counselor. As a transcultural ambassador, Casey connects nurses with reputable indigenous lineages and psychedelic practices while conversely bringing nursing knowledge and services to indigenous populations in need. Casey creates a bridge between cultural populations to promote a dialogue that helps evolve the standards of care and training within both the plant medicine and modern medicine paradigms.

Transcultural Ambassador, Founding member

Founding Members

A special thanks to our founding members whose contributions made this organization possible.

Carey Clark, Alexandra Christodoulou, Casey Lenhart, Nicole Murray, Leigh Carr, Kathleen Greggerson, Melanie Cross, Frank Soska, Patricia Law, Jessie Gill, Gail Pederson, Darlene Watson, Sherri Tutkus, Kate Hansen, Michael Brewer, Jeffrey Lourie, Doris Candi Walters, Debbie Ginnie, Wendy Piper, Amy Harper, Andrea Embrechts, Lisa Powers, Rebecca Engle, Rebeccah Lyles, CJ Spotwood, Deb McCauley, Dawn Fabian, Susan Manley, Carmen McDonald, Tana Morehouse, Guy Thorsby, Sandi Johnson, Jerrod Nestor, Rhonda Nesbitt, and Melissa Mazereeuw